Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Faith-Based Organization

"Faith-Based Organization." What does that mean? No, really... what does that mean?

One definition: If your government agency has run out of cash; if you want to get something done; who are you going to call call? ..... a "faith based organization." Synonym: Free Labor.

I also found a definition that listed possibilities as "churches, mosques, synagogues or temples." ..... Did anyone catch that? .... Their list is a series of nouns that each describes the functional architectural structure where these various religions meet. One exception though in that list.

The Christian "Church" is more than a building. It really is, in many ways, a faith-based organization. The larger ecumenical church is a machine that can get things accomplished! (Just try asking a "mosque" to clean up the streets of Fairfield, Alabama on a Saturday morning.)

This is my real point though: How many mosques send money, people and supplies to the wrecked island of Haiti? How many temples ask to adopt the dark faces of urban blacks scarred with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

It is the Church- the true Church. The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ that sacrifices itself for the sake of the world. Not "faith-based organizations!"