Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Thoughts

My children asked me to start a blog, "So I did!" (As Erin just suggested.)

I am a son of the Father, the husband of one wife, the father of eight children,(and the patriarch of four cats and four dogs - Erin again)

We live in a small town right outside of Birmingham, Alabama. We would like to be further out still, but my career holds me closer to the city then I would wish.

We are looking to sell and buy a small farm. More than that, it's time to get out of debt and have a chicken. I always have loved the outdoors and my wife and I grew up on farms. Perhaps God will be so gracious as to get us in this area.

My children love the outdoors as well and they long to run free with their dogs. ("At their sides through the long grass" - Erin again.)

They love animals and are looking forward to the chickens, puppies and goats, etc, etc, etc. You name it and they want it!

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