Saturday, November 8, 2008


I am so glad that God blessed us with a piano. I was great to see how God worked and continues to work in through our piano.

Although we were not a "musical family" we saw the benefit of our children learning to play. We had seen our friends play and how they would play for singing hymns with the family or filling in at church. Nancy began to pray and God orchestrated a wonderful chain of events that has given us hours upon hours of music and "joyful noise"!

A young lady at our church had a good piano but then received an even better piano. Not desiring to sell the family heirloom, she loaned that piano to a friend for their family. That family, then in turn, traded their current piano to us! We rented a truck a brought it home through the worst hale storm I have ever been in but that's another story.

We gathered around the upright piano and rolled it in. Now our children, even down to the 5 year old, play virtually all the time. (Was that "play without ceasing?) We are planning a family Christmas recital. Each of the older children are practicing their favorite Christmas song to play. After the recital they will be ready to provide accompaniment for our family singing.

Thank you God for answering our prayers.

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