Monday, November 24, 2008

For Sale by Owner

For Sale by Owner. This is not first time we've used this phrase. We also have an account with the same phrase but with the contemporary "dot com" suffix.

We have our house, our home, up for sale. The goal here is an exercise in faith. In many ways we are looking for our God to bring us a buyer and to send us into a new place. We don't have an idea of where we would go. We do believe that we should (or have to) get out from under this mortgage.

The house is perfect for us, but not necessarily the place. We love the house, but who wouldn't love it! It's a 4000+ square foot cottage across from a 5 acre park and soccer field. It's basically the American Dream.

That's the problem though. Who is supposed to achieve the American Dream? Why do we desire to have the big house in the country across from the park- complete with granite countertops- who would settle for anything less! After all, that's what everyone's doing now!

There is an inner drive to search for comfort. I understand that. But what are we missing? We are giving up in our pursuit of the American Dream? That's what I'm hoping to find out.


Just A Family said...

Hi Mr. Duane!
The White House has enjoyed reading your blog and we are also
touched by your choice of a flower background....;-)

cvntdaddy said...

I had no idea that people would know that I existed. Thanks for your friendly comments Just A Family. I like pretty things!